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isn't the most important thing what we do with it?

That time is relative ... Never mind !

esSENSiel - Le Temps Qui Passe


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What do you think ?

Do we think because we move ?

Or ...

Do we move beacuse we think ?




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to live better ?

to better understand ?

to make it better ?

What if you'd give yourself the opportunity


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esSENSiel - Nos AteliersesSENSiel _ Atelier : Mettre de la conscience en soi - une tête faite de rouages et d'engrenages qui viennent la compléter le tout déposer sur une main sur un fond de ciel

benefiting from self-awareness ?

what if being talented meant

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what good we can do with it !

but to know

why certain things happen ...

isn't so much

The real question


esSENSial, What is it ?

esSENSial is an innovative approach to personal, sport or /and professional coaching, and a registered trademark under the aegis of which professionals propose to give meaning and conscience :

  • to your natural motor skills;
  • to yourself as a global and unique person;
  • to what makes you who you are in a given context and environment.

esSENSial approach consists in providing the individual the opportunity to connect, to relate to himself, differently, more consciously. Thus promoting its ability to first act and react according to her/his natural strengths and skills in the environments and contexts that punctuate and shape her or his life.

In fine, any beneficiary will refer to it at will as a decision support tool in terms of personal and/or professional orientation or as a personal development opportunity that will benefit him or her physically, relationally, contextually or cognitively for her or his development as an individual or as part of a group, a team.

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esSENSial, How ?

esSENSial approach integrates that of ActionTypes® which makes it possible to bring out the motor proferences of each individual, a motor signature in a way. 

This signature characterizes each of us in particular contexts and unites our resources to move, to act, to interact and to react in sport as shown in the video below.

Since our brain is organized in such a way to play and perform physically as well as tactically, it operates in the same way outside of sport : to feel, to memorize, to recharge, to make decisions, to get in touch or not, to undertake or not …

And this applies to as many contexts that we face in our daily life :

  • in our active life : professionally, socially, family wise;
  • in our leisure activities, whether manual, cultural or intellectual;
  • in our interaction with ourselves and others.

This motor signature, which reveals the relational, privileged and particular modalities that an individual maintains with his body and his brain is also a personality marker that reveals the richness and the singularity of our relational, cognitive, emotional skills as much as our motor skills.

The video below illustrates how the approach is applied in sport. 

esSENSial, What for ?

esSENSial is intended for anyone who wants to :

  • better know oneself…
  • better perceive onseself…
  • better feel…

to ultimately better undestand oneself in contexts and environments that, by definition, are continually evolving and in which it is good to know who we are, to better adapt to it rather than to conform to it…

To face a fact of life or simply to better move ahead in ones life projects, but also for nothing in particular… or to face important decision making. There are plenty of circumstances in ones life where the benefit of such an approach might be useful to vital :

  • educational guidance;
  • a choice of career orientation;
  • following a layoff;
  • following a separation;
  • in the context of a conflict…

esSENSial proposes to make self-awareness emerge by welcoming our singularities :

  • in the face of changing environments and contexts;
  • in terms of postures;
  • in terms of coordination and movements.

esSENSial, For whom ?

esSENSial is intended for any individual person, binomial, team, group, department, entity willing to :

  • better perform;
  • better perceive themselves and be perceived;
  • better unwind.

esSENSial pour any person, young or not so young, active or not, alone or as a couple wishing to :

  • se (re)découvrir, se (re)connaître
  • explore, experiment
  • enhance oneself, to project oneself

Do you work in Human Resources within your company or in hiring ?

  • esSENSial to work better with your collaborators and between your teams;
  • esSENSial to perceive your candidates objectively, without bias, for who they are and not for what they were or what they will never be.

Do you evolve in the world of Orientation, of Insertion, Integration or Vocational Reinsertion ?

  • esSENSial to get to know the person as a unique person, not as a “profile”;
  • esSENSial to allow an individual to asses by herself/himself her/his actions and reactions.

You practice in Pedagogy,Teaching, Training ?

  • esSENSial to allow a better awakening and a better assimilation on the part of your pupils or students;
  • esSENSial to offer to your pupils or students the opportunity to be more focused.
  • esSENSial to be able to better diversify your teaching.

If you are active with sports, with competitors, with sports material or equipment ?


  • esSENSial to avoid potential risks of recurring injuries;
  • esSENSial to better advise and support your clients;
  • esSENSial to improve context-specific coordination abilities.

esSENSial, Its vocation

esSENSial’s voaction is  :

  • Faire du lien
  • Mettre du sens

esSENSial, Its vocation

esSENSial’s vocation is :

  • to BOOST one’s motion and coordination perception ability
  • to BOOST one’s mind
  • to BOOST relations between each other
  • GETTING BOOSTED in changing environments in which we evolve
  • GETTING BOOSTED in contexts that change and to which one has to adapt constantly