“At the Heart of Sport”

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Workshop :

“At the Heart of Sport”

Do you play any sports ?

Do you know that your motor skills change according to the context and environment in which you compete ?

What’s the point? At least two :

– Preventing injuries

– Getting access to all of your own resources

Find out how it is possible to do better without doing more, without overloading.

– By placing consciousness on oneself rather than gesture or performance.

– By allowing each one to position in relation to the context and not in relation to others.

“At the Heart of Sport”

You play sports entertainingly or intensely. Then you have certainly received good advices that urge you to or encourage you to :

  • work on your weak points;
  • execute and train the “perfect move”;
  • adapt to equipment;
  • be placed on the field or in a position rather than another that you prefer…

So many situations that are detrimental to your pleasure of practicing, to your well-being during its practice, but also to your performance for those who seek it.

We offer a practical and playful workshop allowing you to feel the benefits of consciousness and respect of your natural motor skills through exercises, games and role-playing.

A revelation for all those who are attentive to the way they coordinate their sports activities and/or their lives.

“At the Heart of Sport”

esSENSiel - Workshop - In the Heart of Sport - Text : from 1 to 2 individuals
esSENSiel - Workshop - In the Heart of Sport - Text : from 1 to 2
esSENSiel - Workshop - In the Heart of Sport - Text : from 7 to 10 individuals