Western culture, or should we say more broadly, the evolution of our human societies, has left little room for the creative potential of the human being as an individual, and this, from a very young age. It has been decreed over time that conformity to quality criteria, performance and intelligence were the standard values of a society that could tend towards prosperity. It was therefore imagined, designed and implemented models of learning, economic and political systems, relational and organizational models that best satisfied this vision of the world. It was to omit, knowingly or not, that by doing so, one prioritized and valued the people privileging the activation of one side of their brain rather than the other; we had to wait for the XXIst century for science to enlighten us on this point…

However, these systems are now so well anchored in our models of organization and educational programs, in our models of social and relational organization, in our economic and political models, that it is difficult, even illusory, to claim to be able to bring about changes in these areas at once. It is all the more difficult because the individuals who are in possession of the lever arms of this paradigm change are those who evolve best within these models since they were thought and concretized by their peers historically, who were also at the benefit of the same psycho-cerebral inclinations. It is therefore all the less natural or all the more difficult for them to perceive, to understand that the valorization and the institutionalization of these values alone as standard values, stigmatizes and discriminates the other half of humanity which is based on opposite inclinations. Saying that they are opposed is not exact, since it is (finally) recognized that we all use 100% of our cerebral capacities all the time, but not in the same way and not with the same priorities depending on the context. Clearly, what appears as essential and primary to one half of humanity is felt as secondary by the other half and vice versa…

For a few decades now, there has been a desire for more horizontality – less vertical organizations within companies, more recognition of differences (LGBTTQQIAAPO+…), greater sensitivity to causes of general interest (climate, waste, energy…) – but the inertia of our historical priorities defended by those who benefit from them today makes it difficult to make a smooth transition to something else.

It is from the angle of school and training that Ken Robinson* enlightens us with talent, humor and depth on the dilapidation of the talents of creation and imagination which we all benefit. This is due to dogmatic legacies and the perpetuation of our values system, such as we know it, such as we perpetuate it, which stifles and annihilates the intrinsic potential of expression and realization of many individuals.

* Ken ROBINSON : Kenneth Robinson, pedagogue, born March 4th, 1950;

                          deceased August 21st, 2020


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