From the dualistic consciousness of Descartes, from the physicalists to the functionalists, from the qualias to the philosophical zombies with their “difficult problem of the consciousness” to end up with the panpsychism of the contemporary consciousness scholars…, will not be discussed here

esSENSiel does not approach nor speak about these types of consciousness and their respective theory called phenomenal consciousness.

Within the scope of our activity, we address the so-called access consciousness which is the one approached and treated within the framework of neurosciences.

There is a simple reason for this; it can be apprehended by physical feeling… we propose an understanding and a perception of our functioning according to the contexts through motor skills, thus a bridge of entry that could not be more physical.

For those who will watch the video below, conceptually and intellectually, it associates the consciousness we work with with the definition made by physicalists.

For those who want to excite their neurons, hereafter we propose you a good sensitization to the different levels of consciousness that man has chosen to define. The only risk incurred is that of raising his own. As for knowing which one it is?… we leave it to you to answer.